Aims and Objectives

Success through Honesty, Mutual Integrity and Conscientious Fulfilment of Promise


For Inventors:

1. To offer creative inventors and authors of world class sustainable, socially progressive and civilisation enhancing innovation a radically new more ethical and sustainable alternative development path.

2. To offer creative inventors and authors business partnerships based on a proactive, "publishing house" or "music & media business" co-ownership corporate group practice.

3. To offer creative inventors and authors immediate appreciation and faster copyrights IPR protection, commercial exploitation, technology transfer and licencing.

4. To offer inventors and creative innovators of worthwhile projects who have low financial resources a working partnership for developing their idea(s) by means of negotiating substantial IPR rights in exchange for Angelsweb's groups members immediate application of expertise and proactive participation.

5. To offer creative inventors and authors proactive help in acquiring appropriate public and private assistance…

6. An opportunity to join the Angelsweb Innovation Network to share experiences with other authors of creative innovation and inventions..

For Angelsweb Innovation Limited:

7. To promote practical, sustainable, ethically sound and worthwhile projects and acquire substantial early equity and commercial IPR stakeholding in a range of new technology and creative innovation based spin-out companies…

For Investors:

8. An opportunity to make uncomplicated movable early high yield investments in a portfolio of financially promising, attractive, highly ethical and “world changing new business enterprise".

9. The option of making a single low risk comprehensive investment in Angelsweb, based of the merits of its technology management, high value client projects and client spin-out companies…

10. Further opportunities for targeting and proactive risk management in closely monitoring individual spin out companies and venture projects.

11. Early benefits and hands on "first-use participation" in product pilots and trials…

12. An opportunity to join Angelsweb's Board of Finance Directors and share experiences with other investors.

For Professional Associates:

13. Offers a synergistic role for associated expert associates (needed to support new enterprise development) as experienced inventor support professionals who elect to contribute time and expertise towards structuring and developing specific commercial spin out enterprises.

14. Offers additional preliminary types of research, pilot project work and ongoing executive/non-executive board management functions and early participation in support of particular spin out ventures.

15. An opportunity to earn potentially high yield equity and regular fees, by making early and ongoing contributions to exciting, new, interesting or fundamentally worthwhile and ethical spin out companies and ventures.

Angelsweb Innovation Limited
Registered Office: 27 Redwood Glade, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 3JT.
Company Registration Number 7769399
Contact (+44) (0) 117 328 0615