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The British Inventors Society (BIS) was formed in December 2003. The team that came together includes leading inventors and innovators, academics and entrepreneurs who share a common belief – that invention is the vital spark that drives the world’s technology and new orders of wealth creation.

We plan a four-pronged initiative greatly to improve the prospects of all inventors, individual or institutional. That is, to educate and accredit inventors through off-line learning up to Masters of Invention level (the first-of-its-kind MSc course recently initiated by Kingston University); to join regional inventors’ clubs with local universities and technical colleges for their mutually exploitative benefit; to engage with funding agencies including both public and private sector; and to create and improve the take up of inventions on a national, eventually international, level.

Inventors Clubs Links National and International

DTI Business Link

Business Link is an easy to use business support, advice and information service managed by the DTI. Local presence across England, managed by business people for business people, means we are uniquely placed to identify business support services from across the government, voluntary and private sectors.

To find your nearest operator, either search by your postcode, browse the list below, or call 0845 600 9 006 (minicom 0845 606 2666) - you will be connected directly to your nearest Business Link.


Help for Inventors and Innovators:


Chartered Institute of Patent Agents

The Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (CIPA), the professional and examining body for patent agents (also known as patent attorneys) in the UK.
The Institute was founded in 1882 and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1891. It represents virtually all the 1,500 registered patent attorneys in the UK whether they practice in industry or in private practice. Total membership is over 3,000 and includes trainee patent attorneys and other professionals with an interest in intellectual property matters.

European Business Angels Network

The European Business Angels Network is a non profit association which has the purpose of :

Encouraging the exchange of experience among business angels networks and encouraging " best practice "
Promoting recognition of business angels networks Contributing to working out and carrying out local, regional and national programmes of assistance to the creation and development of a positive environment for business angels activities.
EBAN's members are all professional in matching informal investors (Business Angels) and entrepreneurs. Membership in EBAN ensures you access to the largest European network of contacts in the Business Angels field.

EBAN, as the European Network of Business Angel networks is not in direct contact with investors or entrepreneurs.

If you are a potential investor or entrepreneur, contact directly the EBAN member organisation in your country of interest.

About OurExtranet

A communications and collaboration tool for all those involved in providing public funded business support services to SMEs throughout the UK.

Working together to provide better products and services:

The No-Nonsense Guide to Small Business Funding
- how to fund a new venture from scratch or for the first few months of trading. 
The Guide looks at self-financing, getting a bank loan, investment from friends and family, equity finance, grants and the prudent management of cash flow.

Institute of Patentees and Inventors
Why is the Institute needed?

Each year approximately 20,000 patents are applied for by UK residents.
About 20% of these applications are by individuals, rather than companies or academic institutions. With the success rate of getting patented ideas to the market being only 2%, the inventor needs all the assistance available. The Institute of Patentees and Inventors is a non-profit making association of over 1,000 members who pay an annual subscription. It offers its members advice and guidance on all aspects of inventing from idea conception to innovation and development.


Creating New Product Ideas

The key to business growth, profitability and sustainability is to continually bring new products and services to an awaiting market or opening up new markets. Innovating companies will stay one step ahead of their competitors as well as being able to respond to changing markets and customers. Pera can help you as we have helped many others.

Pera helps clients to innovate their products and processes, developing new business and opportunities.


The South West of England Regional Development Agency was established in 1999. Our most important role is to ensure the long-term economic success of the region.

Central to the long-term economic success of South West England will be making sure the region has the right skills among its workforce, the most innovative businesses, and a high quality environment, both physical and cultural.

The VCR Venture Capital Directory

The VCR Directory™ has been published since 1983 and now comprises details of 3,000 venture capital and private equity investors across Europe. These range from large private equity firms with multinational operations to small investors managing a handful of portfolio investments. It also includes corporate venturers and business angel networks. The database is growing with new investors being added all the time.

The database is available online at

Information on the database includes contact details, description of activities and investment criteria. It also contains details of executives and their photos and details of portfolio companies.

The VCR Directory™ is owned by TMRM Ltd, a company registered in England which is also VAT registered.

TMRM also operates a free commercial news service for early stage funded companies. It was founded when Modwenna became conscious that the lack of information about the companies following a funding, means that investors are left in the dark about how their investments are doing and that the investors who decided not to invest often cannot find out about the ones they missed and therefore cannot learn how good their judgement really is! She hopes that this angelnews will assist in this process.

World Video Business - WVB is the leading provider of e-business integrated solutions and business opportunities to support the internationalization of SMEs. Our Business Plan (form), Import Export, International Tenders and Joint Venture, Concessions, Contract Models (form) and Customs & Trade areas, providing business information and downloadable form-layout, will be a very useful source to those SMEs who want to be updated on worldwide business opportunities. Register to us and subscribe our services so you'll help your company increase sales, decrease supplier costs, and find new business relations.

xnos is the Wales Business Angel Network - a business introduction service which introduces investors to companies seeking growth funding and who are prepared in return to offer an equity share in the business

Investment is the lifeblood of any company, but Welsh companies have not found it as easy to attract capital investment as those in other UK regions. However, over the last few years Welsh companies have been able to turn to our Business Angels Network that brings together companies and the investors they need.

As a start-up or established company you have the opportunity to sell an equity interest to finance your growth aspirations. Investors are often able to give you the benefit of their commercial experience to ensure that the injection of capital really works.

The network matches and introduces potential Business Angels on its register to SMEs. It matches you with individuals who will provide opportunities for exciting and long-term prospects. At present, the Finance Wales business angels have funds of more than 20million available for investment in Welsh SMEs.


IDC Commercialisation Manger - Troy White
ABC Online’s Catapult Website Article

Raising money to develop a new product is one of the more difficult challenges facing entrepreneurs and small businesses as they start to commercialise their intellectual property. It’s often a catch 22 situation were you may need additional funds to complete testing, conduct market research or even build a prototype but without these things in place, potential investors may perceive this initial investment as too risky.


"The Virtual Company"


Professor David Nicholas MBE

David Nicholas was a brilliant innovator and a tireless promoter of the long-term potential of “innovention” – a term he introduced to link invention with innovation. David Nicholas pioneered The Virtual Company concept and has increased the national inventor / start-up conversion rate for turning incredible ideas into credible businesses by a factor of six. A virtual company is formed when a team of experts work together with a lone inventor to bring an invention to market. The experts work for no fee, but in exchange for virtual shares in a virtual company, which convert into real shares when funds are secured.

The (Kingston) Enterprise Exchange was proud to employ David from September to December 2004. Sadly, David died on 17th December 2004, leaving a wife and three grown-up children. He died at his desk doing what he enjoyed, helping inventors.

The Venture Capital Paradigm

Philip Treleaven

Professor of Computer Science
Spinout and Business Links Co-ordinator UCL

For many years, nearly every high-technology start-up has been built on the dream of raising millions of dollars of venture capital, working frantically for two to three years to build value, then going public or selling the venture for a vast amount of money. We call this the Venture Capital paradigm, and argue it is unrealistic for aspiring UK entrepreneurs, such as university staff and students.

Our Virtual Company paradigm encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to identify a moneymaking idea, assemble a team, explore new markets and grow the business organically. We teach (and practice) that while investment, IPO, trade sale and other forms of harvest are desirable outcomes, entrepreneurs should not overlook the option of creating durable businesses that they intended to operate personally for a considerable part of their career.

Although not appropriate for all new ventures, we believe the Virtual Company is a viable option in the UK for many entrepreneurs who are seeking to create high-technology ventures. We also encourage technologists to consider founding new ventures as a natural, early and career-boosting step, even if their ultimate aspirations are to work within established businesses.

Scams To Watch For (If you are seeking investment)

"....there are thousands of fraudulent companies and fraudulent middlemen who make their living scamming"

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