Elizabeth Brealey

  Elizabeth Brealey
BSc Econ (Hons) Dip IPM FIPM

Elizabeth is an accomplished, senior human resources and personal development specialist.
Past Winner of a Technological Innovation in Personnel Award, has served in senior management at Clerical Medical, KPMG, Remploy and the British National Health Service.

University Blue in Sailing and Horse Riding, she has a special interest in nurturing and developing individual career, sporting and personal achievement.

Landowner and philanthropic entrepreneur; Current Interests: Maximising excellence in Sport, Small Business, Training, Networking, Organic Farming and Wellbeing

Geoffrey Grayer

Chief Scientific Research Associate

  Dr Geoffrey H. Grayer BSc (Physics, Hons 1st class) PhD
Chief Scientific Research Consultant

Geoffrey has spent many years as an experimental particle physicist which involved him in designing experiments and systems, apparatus, electronics and programming. He spent a total of 11 years at CERN in Geneva and played a significant role in the discovery of the W and Z mesons, which earned the collaboration a Nobel prize in 1984. Later he turned his talents to developing new apparatus using micro-fabrication, inventing in particular two devices, one of which has received a patent. A renaissance-style man, Geoff is interested in many fields including Electronics and RF, Astronomy and Optics, Meteorology, Radio Propagation, Geology and Paleontology and has published professional papers as well as popular articles in several of these fields. His home lab is equipped with everything from machine tools to a wide range of electronic test equipment. Geoff also speaks fluent French and some German and other interests he admits include classical music, writing poetry, and "arguing". Geoff has held a Private Pilot's Licence and has hundreds of hours experience flying gliders, including in the Alps.

Maggs Hambrook

Marketing and
Investment Fund

  Maggs Hambrook BA (Hons)
Programme Manager

Maggs Hambrook has a background in aesthetic design, formal project work, installations, product design and successful small business project administration, development and management .

Richard Lawson

Innovations Consultant

  Dr Richard Lawson MD
Innovations Consultant

Richard Lawson qualified in medicine (Westminster Hospital) in 1969. He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and works in general medical practice in Congresbury, North Somerset. Medical interests include preventive medicine, psychotherapy, allergy and environmental medicine, acupuncture, hypnosis and manipulation. He has been a UK Green Party member since about 1977, holding various national offices including principal (joint) spokesperson for the national party in the 1992 General Election. He was elected to the Woodspring District Council in 1986. He held the post of Health Speaker for the Green Party. Married, with three children, he enjoys gardening, cycling, roller hockey, windsurfing, sand yachting, plays the flute, writes poems, short stories and songs, and is an ex-hanglider pilot. He has a number of inventions, chiefly a double film, flexible aerofoil sail which he has been developing steadily for a number of years performing with great promise in high winds.He is also the author of a web based medical symptom assessment service.

He is a
Quaker and a member/supporter of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Campaign Against the Arms Trade Sustrans, Survival International, Charter 88, Intermediate Technology, Shelter, Amnesty International, MEDACT, Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, New Economics Foundation, Medical and scientific Network, Free Tibet Campaign and is a contact for the Campaign Against Sea Dumping.


Henry O'Tani

Design & Inventor Liaison

  Henry O'Tani
Consultancy Practice Co-ordinator

Henry isa radio, electronics and early cybernetic and computer engineering pioneer and inventor with many original and authentic developments to his name including Autonomous Airborne Vehicles, Ultra High Power Amplifiers and Music Controlled Disco lighting. Design of a first UK CB radio. A first U.K. microelectronics controlled Mobile Phone Service. First community broadband microwave transceivers, author of new microwave antenna technologies, founder of the Worldwide Community Wireless Internet model and original promoter of the Worldwide Echolink. A Co-operative Development Activist for 25 years; original author of the Battersea Municipal Arts Centre. Walk and Cycleway Schemes, the Soya Protein Vegeburger and Originator of LETS in 1970. A pioneer of designing and structuring complex new enterprises for optimal creative innovative and developmental productivity. The first to use dBŁ and & ŁK He has been a PERA Manufacturing Innovations Consultant, Design Council and Government listed high technology consultant from 1984. Listed 2003 as Small Business Service "Extranet Facilitator for North Somerset".

Bill Snowdon

International IPR & TT Lawyer
  Bill Snowdon
International IPR & TT Lawyer

Formerly Partner Hugh James Solicitors head of the Hugh James Corporate and Commercial Law team which has a bias towards technology companies. The team completes an average of 20 transactional matters a year. Included in the portfolio are a number of substantial deals in the United States and Far East as well as within the European Union. Bill listed in the Legal 500 as one of leading lawyers in Wales.
Bill is currently a Director of Wales’ largest enterprise agency Business in Focus.

Robert Treen

Computation and Information Science Technologist
  Robert Treen B. Bc. (Hons)
Computation and Information Science Technologist

With an ONC in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Crawley 1974) and B. Bc. (Hons) IIii in Computation from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (1984) Robert has a wide range of additional skills and is capable of writing software in many programming languages. Able to design and build websites, webservers and electronic circuits at component level, using transistors and integrated devices. His first project (when 15) was to build an analogue synthesiser and at 18 obtained a bank loan to build a Z80 based computer from a kit. (A Nascom 2)

Robert was closely involved in providing technology support of the BBC's seminal public computer education and awareness campaign, the BBC Computer, The Open University and programmes such a "Tomorrow's World".

A fully qualified BBC Broadcast Electronics Engineer (ETSI's, Wood Norton 1985) Robert has a comprehensive grasp of the engineering required for most kinds of Film and TV productions, including post-production and special effects.

Robert feels that his main strength is to analyse problems and come up with novel and effective solutions to them (rather than discover solutions requiring a problem).


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