Sample Projects

"Angels Go Where Fools Fear To Tread"


Advanced "Apitherapy"


Advanced Apitherapy with Green Brazilian Bee Propolis.
Apitherapy with unique and impressive applications.

Status: Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

Ultra High Gain Antenna Project

Radical new ultra high gain HOT SPOT, Wi-MAX and Cellphone WAP 33dBi + Smart Antenna Technology:


Benefits: benefits.html

.......Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

Acoustic Fidelity

A radical new approach to the physical electromechanical side of sound reproduction.

At concept stage ... A revolutionary ultra high fidelity sound reproduction system which is expected to become the quality standard for all music and studio quality sound reproduction.

Despite radical improvements in recording, broadcasting and amplification technologies... with several percent residual distortion and intermodulation distortion typical of modern loudspeaker systems, these have plainly not significantly advanced in 50 years and are in dire need of radical improvement.....

Status: Pre- Concept Validation. Pre Patent. Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity


In fair judgement, the current end user charges made for internet connectivity outside of  Europe and N. America in locations such as Africa and Latin America are “extortionate”.  That is to say, charges 10 - 100 times that of Europe for the same service exploiting the lack of alternatives and the desperate need of end-users for  service at any price.  This sad state of affairs is made possible by a virtual monopoly and absence of practical alternatives. 
It is of interest therefore to look into the technical feasibility of purchasing and using European Direct Broadcasting
Internet Satellites “out of area” such as to provide volume bandwidth to sites in Equatorial Africa at European prices.



A micro-engineered amplifier and logic device. This is seminal vacuum microelectronic nanotechnology, promising pico-second switching speeds which might replace solid state microelectronics for ultimate high performance when "Moore's Law" runs out of steam after AD 2014 and for new high temperature and radiation hardened applications such as furnaces, safety equipment and space exploration.

Power Point Presentation download:-

Status: Pre Patent. DTI III Innovation Consultancy in progress. Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

Doctor Dog

The aim of Dr Dog is to allow any computer literate person to enter relevant health and illness data on a structured interactive form.


Status: Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

"Fatima" Total Energy System

Based around new a Biolectric Power Cell Concept.   A domestic thermodynamic electricity generating product with an ingenious method of producing a ten fold increase in the measured system efficiency over that normally disadvantaging small plants when installed at individual micro-scale rural user level.   A novel alternative Micro Generation energy solution for rural homes, factories and farms, from Mike Challis a former British nuclear electric power worker, Green CND Activist, Direct Action Campaigner and IEE Chartered Engineer....    

Status: Pre-Patent. Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity


Global Interactive Network Meeting

Based around a new broadband internet meeting concept.  

A means of providing a 100,000 and more participant live virtual meeting system... Suitable for Performance Arts, Religious and Faith based Gatherings, Political Conferences, General Meetings, Network Marketing Events, Interactive Lectures, Interactive Training.

Status: DTI Innovation Project in progress. Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity


Scythe Physics Editor

A modelling tool for game developers, designed solely for the creation of physics-simulated objects and scenes.

Internet Datacomms Services

Our group's inhouse server support offers members,associates and clients professional quality secure email and free webhosting for new projects and spin out ventures.

e.g. These pages at are hosted at on a "mirrored pair" of Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy Linux servers located at two separate locations in the West of England

Much experimental, innovation, invention and development of internet and web based services is facilitated via our own server hardware and software.

Status: Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

Kevan Green-Biofuel

A biofuel project for West Wales.... (Kevan = Tiger)


Status: Pre-Prototype. DTI III Innovation consultancy in progress. Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

Mass Public Transit System

A municipal / city... short range pollutionless, eclectic transport system using high efficiency (grid generated) energy) to provide a "last mile" (say 5 Km) mass transit system at 3% the cost of traditional bus, rail and tramway infrastructure.

Based on combining advanced new technologies in a new vehicle traction concept.   Suitable for providing motive power for normally unpowered vehicles such as bicycles, skate boards, manual and motorised wheel chairs. 

Status: Pre-Patent. Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

Suitable for powering Elevated Cycleways......... for reference see:-


RadioShare is innovative product development project for permitting sharing of music and audio by means of wireless technology...

An innovation developed by an ex. BBC Broadcast Engineer and BBC Technology Educational Worker... Robert Treen.

Status: DTI Innovation Project in progress. Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity.

Natsnack Limited
CVA House, 2 Cooper Road, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 3UP

Pure organic, additive free, delicious plain and flavoured coconut juices packaged and preserved as fresh coconut water by means of an innovative new Brazilian patented natural cold steralizing process. Water Information.html its roles in health.pdf

Our coconut-based drinks are from organic agriculture, purely vegetarian, rich in amino acids, cholesterol free, lactose free, milk protein free, free from any additives, free from preservatives, rich in trace minerals, nutritious, low in calories and part of a social-educational project.

The coconut-based drinks were introduced at the Olympic World Congress on Sport Sciences in 2004 and supported by research conducted by Dr Antonio Martins, an internationally respected professional sports medicine and children's physician, based in Vienna..


Status: Development Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

Shireband Limited

A rural Broadband Access provider using new long range "Wi-Max" and "WLAN" technologies and patent new wireless systems...

Status: Early Friends & Family Participation Opportunity


A double film, flexible sail, using a Class 5 land yacht as a platform. The Mark I sail (a sailboard sail, on speedwheels base) returned times 7% faster than an identical conventional sail.

Mark 2 was out at Brean Sands last year. The design is simple and light, with a minimum of moving parts. It performs brilliantly in moderate winds, and like a dog in light winds.

Since the design has effectively been published by sailing openly on Brean sands, it cannot be patented. I am therefore able to share the design with any seriously interested party free of cost - although acknowledgement would be necessary.

Would anyone be interested in discussing and/or collaborating in the project?

Status: Development Friends & Family Participation Opportunity

West of England Community Internet

An experiment in Public Service Community Wireless Internet....

Combining not-for-profit ethos with economical high quality business services.

Status: Development Friends & Family Participation Opportunity


Angelsweb Innovation Limited
Registered Office: 27 Redwood Glade, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 3JT.
Company Registration Number 7769399
Contact (+44) (0) 117 329 0615